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Metal Cock Rings Facts and Myths

Metal cock rings are one of the most popular items that men can use to enhance their sexual experience. Mental penis rings are one of several options that guys have for rings of various material. There are also leather rings, rubber rings, and synthetic skin rings. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of ring and these should be considered carefully before purchasing and using any cock ring. The different materials have important properties which can really impact the experience.

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First of all, it is important to know how the metal cockring works. It acts to constrict the blood flow out of the penis, allowing the penis to stay engorged for a longer period of time. This has a multitude of effects. First of all the mental penis rings can slightly increase the size of an erection. The constriction of blood flow increases the pressure within the penis. This can lead to slightly increase distension of the glans and an improvement in the size of the penis. Some people can have a really large effect from the metal cockring, others may not always get the size they want out of it.

Another positive effect of metal cock rings is the prolongation of the time to sexual climax. The cock ring has been thought to allow men to last longer, thus increasing the sexual experience for their partner and for themselves. This benefit is one of the best reasons to use a ring since it can be an advantage to both parties. You would not want a guy to climax too early since that would leave the partner without a climax.

The biggest disadvantage of metal penis rings is that they can be hard to remove in an emergency. The purpose of the ring is to restrict the blood flow to the penis. The ring can be so effective that it does so absolutely and prevents all blood flow. Without blood flow, the penis tissue begins to have issues and will eventually die if blood flow is not restored. The penis needs oxygen like any other tissue and without it there will be a significant problem for the guy. If this happens with mental penis rings, there are few options. One of the things that some guys have done is get a bolt cutters and cut through the metal. This allows the ring to be pried open to restore the blood flow. Other techniques involved using a needle to pierce into the erection and remove some of the blood so that the penis can become flaccid. These issues are the reasons why it is recommended that a guy who is just beginning to use a cock ring use one that is easily removable. There are several that have quick release mechanisms or clasps that can get the thing off quickly in an emergency. These are some of the pros, and cons of the metal rings. An adult store that sells metal cock rings should also be able to help with any purchase and decision.

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