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Guys who are having some trouble maintaining an erection through the act of sex may want to consider trying penis erection rings to improve their life in the bedroom. These simple devices have been proven to help a man keep an erection as well as enhance the quality of the erection. In the most basic form, these penis rings are a band of material that is placed around the base of the penis, sometimes also enclosing the scrotum. There are many different varieties, but they all serve the same purpose – to improve the sexual experience. Some varieties are a full circle while others have a fastener that allows the user to easily and quickly put the ring on and take it off. Other models may have nodes designed for clitoral stimulation during sex, making them an attractive device for both men and women.

penis erection ring, erection ringThe main benefit of using a cock ring is a better erection. A penis ring erection should be more firm and last longer than an erection achieved without the use of this tool. In addition, this cock ring erection should be easier for a man to control, thus eliminating premature ejaculation as a potential problem during intercourse. The theory behind this device is that the rings either prevent or reduce the amount of blood that drains from an erection back into the body. In turn, the blood that stays in the man’s penis makes the penis much harder. In the same manner, an erection will stay for a longer period of time as the blood is unable to drain. For the best possible results, the man should put on a cock ring while he is either flaccid or has a semi-erect penis. Having a full erection can make it difficult to attach the device if there is no external fastening method. A guy who wants to try a cock ring as a way of maintaining an erection should also consider the problems that can occur while using the tool.

While the benefits of using this type of device can be many, there are also some precautions to keep in mind. A penis ring erection should only last for a limited amount of time. A good rule of thumb is to never keep a cock ring on for more than half an hour. Extending this time could cause damage to the penis or testicles. Also, some men find that ejaculation is difficult while having a cock ring erection, so it may be a good idea to remove the ring when a guy is nearing the point of climax. If the ring is too tight on the man’s penis and causes discomfort, then it should be taken off immediately. If it cannot be removed manually, it may be necessary to visit the emergency room of a hospital for removal. For this reason, penis erection rings that feature an easy fastener may be the best option for purchase, if it dos not work, try penis extensions.

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